Traci Kochendorfer Super Fitstyle Girl on the Cover of November Issue

by Jenn GFC

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Traci Kochendorfer graces again the cover with being the Ambassador for the BWC program…  Despite being a two-decade veteran in the fitness and reality tv arena never fails to find ways to reinvent herself and her career. After wrapping up CWTV star and then Global Rock Music Star …she went on to finish acting and filming to putting and turning the camaras on to herself  straight into series with coming into play for this year and coming up year ON PPV Prime  for our Modelween another shot at checking out Transition Phase Short Music Film and the ModelWeen shoot themed “ Harvest”  Traci K is a national former champion for the ModelWeen competitions that first started with OMP Magazine.     Photographers, models and venues in a ton of cities come together for competing for the title.    With this in mind although it no longer is going on in hopes that Fitstyle can bring more into play with it in the future to more cities.  The models tip for takes and the photographer compete in chosen with judges crowning the champion at the end of the show.  With this no one really losers cause there is money prizes, swag bags, foodies and fun…with this Traci K was champion and although the prize money she said went gone she got to be a role model.    In our annual Muscle , Model and Music issue we display some of the amazingly, freaky, sexscary images from the event.   

Traci Kochendorfer

Throughout Traci Kochendorfer career she has remained an advocate about being valued in this industry when you have achieved the status as such with some issues in this employment field as like you have in the election issues regarding being paid or worth or just getting paid for what you market.  Not to include also she has been a rescue member supporter and volunteer for years starting when she was in military and the love of animals.

Traci is no stranger to Fitstyle Magazine or another others.  Somehow she has managed to be a big support and blows us away everytime and whips it into shape gorgeous according to IGN.  Be that they could see her or want in action films or more Sci- Fi features.   Which she has gotten start with Jonathan Frakes in a huge series to Film called Beckinfield in the past.   Transition Phase short film is a music short film in with the song on her Fitness Fantasy Album.  It is definitely different than the fitness upbeat workout songs she produces.  This song SCREAMS…literally.

Traci Kochendorfer

check it out and check out our latest issue on Amazon Prime.  




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