Diet and Weight Loss




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2. Lukewarm Water + Honey  -The benefits of having lukewarm water with honey during bedtime, range from reduced constipation and flawless skin to weight loss. Water, as we know, has a detoxifying effect – it flushes out the toxins from the body while improving digestion. Honey, on the other hand, has the potential to activate hormones that suppress the appetite [6] With an induced metabolism, the fat stored automatically gets burned as an individual consumes this drink.

3. Chamomile Tea+ Cinnamon + Honey -The benefit of having this tea with honey is known to one and all.  But adding a pinch of cinnamon into it can work wonders. Honey, as we know, helps in rendering flawless skin and speeds up the metabolic rate of the body. Water  with Chamomile in itself is a detoxifying agent and cinnamon helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels and promotes weight loss due to the presence of a flavonoid, cinnamaldehyde [7] . Cinnamon prevents the body from fat accumulation, speeds up the metabolism of blood sugar, aids in digestion and eliminates harmful bacteria from the gut.  It also contains Glycine, a sedative that helps calm nerves and relaxes the muscles.

4. Lemon Juice + Warm Water- Warm water with lemon juice is a popular age-old remedy for weight loss. It promotes quick digestion when consumed after big meals and increases the metabolic rate. Warm water with lemon juice is also very effective in cleansing the liver by removing harmful toxins and unwanted stored fat, says study.


5. Banana Smoothie-  You’re probaly aware that bananas are a healthy treat that let alone helps with cravings but is loaded with potassium, ( and magnesium).   Cause the role of potassium helps with relaxing the muscles in recovery while you get a good nite sleep and it lasts longer.   Research amongst athlete by Fitness Professional Lifestyle Association; amongst those who did a banana and almond milk protein shake before bed gained more lean muscle and slept much longer and work feeling refreshed ready for a morning workout.

6. Kefir-  Is a go to in eastern europe and has a long history.  Traditionally it is a mixture of goats milk and grains.  Like yogurt it has efficient probiotics, or healthy bacteria.  Which mean a healthy balanced gut leads to a better absorbtion of nutrients and better sleep.

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