Did Madonna get Butt Implants? – Trainer reveals some of her Exercise and Diet Secrets….

Madonna on her Tour last year

as we can see here …we got a great view of Madonnas real Butt which shows pretty good form with which given it to her for the ways she has developed her thighs. Key POINT –  Making sure you work the thighs muscles especially in the back help curve and accent the Tush.

Trainer to the stars: Craig Smith, who has been Madonna's personal trainer for two years, has shared her workout secrets

Craig Smith who says he has trained other stars although not knowing him to train any stars in fitness gave a sneak peak at her schedule. Which says Madonna does 6 days a week training and puts in at least 30 minutes or more with circuit, martial arts, dance warm, up and light weight resistance training. ( Amazing cause the 63 year old only uses 5 lb weight but 20 reps) and her arms just show that you need some actual weight lifting. She also incorporates core power yoga and meditation. That is demonstrated in THE CORE you can get to learn more about.

Related image


Personal trainer Craig Smith reveals what it takes to keep Madonna in shape:

Training six days a week for at least 30 minutes

A combination of circuit, interval and resistance training 

Bar training with light weights – between 2.2 and 1.1 kilogram (five and 2.5lbs) – in reps of 20 or 30

Push-ups and ab work, including planking

Lower body work, core training, stretching and meditation


Madonna eats six smaller meals a day.

She will have three main courses and three lighter snacks.

Her favorite cold pressed juice is watermelon.

She eats organic protein bars, fruits, vegetables and grains like quinoa.

While on tour, Madonna does not drink or smoke. 


breaks silence about her implants 2019

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