Relief of Hot Flashes


When hot flashes come out of nowhere, fight back with some simple tips.

Everything from the clothes you wear to how you breathe can help you weather those flashes. Don’t be at the mercy of your unpredictable hormones, learn how to manage the temperature surges and “flash floods” of menopause.


What a bummer we do not want our life to end.    With this do women no longer but ou the VIBE?   Is it the end of our HOTNESS in fashion only to get hot just be HOT?

What are Hot Flashes (and for that matter, Night Sweats)?

Typically, a “hot flash” starts in your chest, and spreads throughout your body, rising strongest to the neck and face. They can range in frequency and severity, from several times a day to only once or twice during the entire onset of menopause … though most women experience some median between the two extremes. Hot flashes can last for a few moments up to 30 minutes, and can range in severity from mildly annoying to discomforting and even scary.

At the onset of these hormonal imbalances, your estrogen levels will wax and wane. This prompts the body (through the hypothalamus in your brain) to “request” that the ovaries release more estrogen via ovulation.

If your ovaries cannot comply (again, as is often the case during menopause) with the request to produce/release more estrogen, your body repeats its request by flooding your hypothalamus with adrenalin. This causes your heart rate to increase, your blood vessels to dilate, and your body temperature to skyrocket.  We have the solutios and relief to help you…..check out our latest issue 


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