On the Cover of Latest Issue Traci Kochendorfer


Fitstyle Magazine is proud to partner with a major contributor helping to set up latest Fitstyle Clothing displays for #fashionweek 2021/2022 from NYC to OHIO this fall/ spring 2020 which is going to be virtually showcased and has already been on billboards. She hasn’t been on the cover in a long time cause she does the most of contributions and helps promote but wanted to give us a chance to allow Fitstyle Clothing to bring in a more fresh simpler display to the most out of the world fashion showcases.

Fitness Fashion Shows are displaying more and more along with giving a more casual fun look since Covid19 has been giving many of the simpler look a bigger trend. Our magazine issue is also displaying our annual MEOWWEEN with in support to BWC project for animal rescues. You can see some adorable photos of our latest picks of Cats in costumes.

To include our November Salute to Troops featured section sponsored by

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They also have done a fashion showcase for the salute to troops. Check it OUT plus so much more on diet, exercise, member news and tips….


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