Could this One exercise give you a flat tummy lying down?


This 5 minute exercise doesn’t even require you to do any situps or burpees. You are just laying down for the whole exercise. And the most movement is pointing your toes and stretching your arms above your head.

actually invented by Japanese reflexology and massage specialist, Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi. According to Fukutsudzi he came up with the stretch to help with lower back pain and fix your spine, but he also claimed that the move could help you lose weight by correcting the placement of the pelvis.

But since then it has been going viral even on TikTok which who right real minded person would waste their time on that for fitness advice. It has been tested by youtubers and some of them have actually shown an amazing results. One lady who was tired of her protruding belly and comments from people asking about her pregnancy , when she wasn’t; was desperate. She decided to try it for two weeks and this is her results.

check out her video…. comment what you think if you are a fitness professional or if you have tried it. We want some feedback.

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