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Linda VA- survey ambassador, mystery diner, foodie photographer and writer

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Have you always been a foodie or want to get a group and check out new restaurants see how they are I went to a midwest district in dayton, ohio and the group actually was kindof hard to meetup but I went ahead since I had to do surveys check out the latest in the food varieties they had in the area since you could walk around while I waited for friends to get out of class or workout .   It was amazing how much they say they have chefs on staff but in general the food is just not great. Yet the staff or area is something to enjoy.  You have to make like you are just a customer and just get what you want while later you can do surveys to help improve with market research and get paid.  I think it is a nice extra money and you get to hear peoples opinion on the latest foodie trends, politics and local news. You can check out some I tried with some of this research company. The testimonial they said to us.


THe survey was about fast food and what I liked or tasted in the ingredients. If it seemed healthy to me or cold , greasy etc…. it was interesting took about 12 min.


THe survey was fast quick and easy to understand and not much on questions except of course the tedious of my age and race deal and area.  to long 13 minute

Paid survey category image for Baby Food survey

BABY FOOD STUDY- $10  Cary-  *****

Glad to have taken this and it was fun!! I have a 9 month old and this was a good pay out compared to some who don’t pay at all and you are half way through. thumbs up.


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