Happy 54th Birthday to Dr. Traci K read more

Join us in wishing our chief editor and stunning gorgeous star Traci Kochendorfer a Happy Birthday today.

photo credit GFC GROUP book shoot

Traci K has starred in over 20 films including her own short films which landed a honorary Oscar Short Award. Plus she has been in and on covers of many magazines like Fitstyle Magazine, Natural Muscle, OMtime, Italy Magazine, Maxim, Intouch, Star etc…And a Prestigious Author and Indie award recipient with tons of books out.

photo credit Ken Fitstyle Magazine

These days when she isn’t contributing and make this magazine one of the top magazine for health and fitness and apart from hosting her top 50 web and podcast series ” Working It Out” she also is a top indie designer who has debut in fashion shows from NY to Ohio and beauty lines called Traci K Collections at https://tracikbeautyandfashion.com. The thing that is so special is that she has disabilities and found ways to hopefully get support and in return make a difference. She is also an Ambassador to BWC for animal welfare awareness with FPLA www.fitprolifestyle.webs.com an association to allow health and fitness professional to become a member and network while supporting projects.

fashion week NY to Ohio credit Easton Columbus News

follow her on instagram, facebook, or twitter. and wish her a Happy Birthday 🎂

If you want to subscribe to her show visit on YOUTUBE or SPOTIFY


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